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The 4 Steps To Creating A Custom Solution For Your Business

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A full spectrum of custom solutions

IRD Technologies is a full-service agency, incorporating strategy, creativity and experience to deliver solutions for your internet and technology needs. We specialize in wired and wireless internet networks and technology infrastructures for the hospitality industry, as well as small and large businesses.

• Consultation

We provide consultation, where we conduct a deep dive to learn the technology problems you face, so we can then build a tailor custom solution for your company.

• Site Survey / Technology Assessments

We perform a full on-site survey that will help evaluate existing life-cycle equipment, and determine if hardware is needed. This assessment will also provide documentation for a hardware inventory, bill of materials to ensure correct hardware purchase, determine strategic equipment placement, choosing the best ISP provider, and deliverables to execute an efficient installation deployment.

• Cabling / Hardware/ Network Installation

With over 20 years of installment experience, we know planning is essential any cablng project. Providing you with the best option for outside plant, and structured cabling with various catagories of cable (Coax, Cat6A, Fiber). We know the best equipment, as well the best way to install that hardware at your location to ensure maximum internet connectivity. We also provide a sever rack clean up process, with labling and documentation.

• 24 Hour Maintenance

We provide 24 hour technical support, as well as scheduled on-site maintenance and upgrades to ensure your network remains online and secure!

Industries We Service

• Rural Area Wi-Fi: (CBRS) - Citizens Broadband Radio Service

The use of CBRS can cover the masses in a spread out area, will allow the ability to reach maximum clients even the hard-to-reach locations. Incorporating and using the most recent available clean spectrum like 3.5 or 5 GHz band.

• Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

This industry uniquely struggles with the constant demands providing the proper amounts of bandwidth to each client at any giving time. They will need a partner to guide them through the ever changing technology your clients.

• Residential / Apartment Communities / Campus: Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s)

Providing for single homes in communities or multi-building units with high density wireless requirements consist of a proper design, equipment and knowledge of what kind of bandwidth appropriation that is need to tailor for each client, so they can have the best internet experience.

• High Density - Large Venues: Coliseums, Arenas

In a capacity utilization network environment the requirements will be essential in your design process. User seating is typically clustered very close together to achieve high occupancy, this yields what is defined as a high-density environment. The RF performance of the AP’s are very different at the user level, and the single biggest sources of interference in the area are the client devices themselves.

• Hospitals

Considering the constant demands of increasing number of devices for patients, doctors and visitors demanding access onto wireless networks and it can be overwhelm to the total internal network. Once installed you then must evaluate the network for quality assurance, and it meets expectations. Any outages or downtime could result a medical device not working properly, and that could be the difference in a life or death scenario.

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